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Extended Massage Menu

$105/60 min – $140/90 min – $170/120 min

Rancho Relaxation Massage
A fusion of long flowing Swedish techniques, hot towels, and customized aromatherapy are used to soothe the mind and relax the body for rejuvenation.

Lymphatic Massage
A gentle and relaxing light pressure that promotes healthy flow of the lymph system.

Therapeutic Massage
A customizable medium to deep pressure that opens the muscle to allow the release of stress and strain from daily life while revitalizing the senses with aromatherapy.

Rancho Sports Massage
A soft tissue therapy that uses myofascial release and neuromuscular techniques to decrease immobility and pain with an active style.

Rancho Flexing
A 60 minute reflexology treatment that stimulates full body optimal function and promotes healing while delivering stress relief. Perfect for those with tired or achy feet.

Manana Mama $105/60 min
Prenatal massage that uses strategically placed pillows and positioning that is tailored specifically to expecting mothers is used to ensure maximum comfort. This treatment is perfect for mothers that are past the 8-week mark and it does not exceed 60 minutes.

30 Min. Add-Ons $50
Cranial Sacral
Focuses one one’s energy and breath to quiet the mind and stimulate peace.

Rancho Flexing Express
An express treatment for guest that have tired or achy feet.

Manana Molde
30 minutes of athletic stretching to increase mobility and flexibility.

Couples Massage

Couples Rancho Relaxation Massage $210/60 min – $280/90 min – $340/120 min
Focusing on relaxation, this couple’s massage combines customized aromatherapy, hot towels, Swedish techniques, and more into the Ultimate Relaxation Experience.

Couples Rancho Fusion $210/60 min – $280/90 min – $340/120 min
Focusing on the couple’s individual specific needs and the blending of a variety of techniques to create a healing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience.

Couples Hot Manana $240/60 min – $320/90 min – $380/120 min
Couple experience a 90-minute hot stone or Pinehurst golf ball massage accompanied with hot towels, hand and foot treatment, customized aromatherapy, and specific to addressing his and her needs.


Rancho Stones $120/60 min – $160/90 min – $190/120 min
Hot stone massage blends the healing power of heat with the restorative aspect of massage. As stress and tension melt away with muscle stiffness the stones have an added bonus of increasing circulation and boosting metabolism.

Pinehurst Golf Ball Massage $120/60 min – $160/90 min – $190/120 min
The fusion of golf balls and heat are used to decrease muscle stiffness and tension to increase mobility, circulation, and metabolism. The Pinehurst incorporates therapeutic techniques with a blending of relaxing strokes to bring about comfort and revitalization.

Body Treatments

Rancho Toning Wrap $120/60 min
A detoxifying wrap that focuses on decreasing cellulitic deposits. The use of salt scrub, with a mud combination stimulates the lymphatic flow throughout the body and draws outs toxins that focus on fat cells.

Manana Retreat $120/60 min – $180/90 min
Delight to your choice of a Rancho Suga Suga or Salty Manana scrub that includes a customized aromatherapy blend. Continue the indulgence with a full body hydration, placing the focus on the hands, feet, and neck. This treatment will leave you soothed and rejuvenated.